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What Would Black Jesus Do?


Black Jesus is the blackest community on the blockchain. It was created by black people for black people. Of course anyone can join Black Jesus, and support the black community, by holding $BJESUS in their wallet. Just always remember, if you have no crypto or 1 million Bitcoins, Black Jesus loves you!

“Peace be to the brothers, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Ephesians 6:23

Token Supply

The contract was created & renounced on Juneteenth (06/19/2023).

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

How To Buy $BJESUS

  1. Create a Wallet: Download Metamask, Trust Wallet, or your Ethereum wallet of choice from the app store or google play store for free. Desktop users, download the google chrome extension from Metamask.
  2. Get some $ETH Have $ETH in your wallet to switch to $BJESUS. If you don’t have any $ETH, you can buy directly on metamask, transfer from another wallet, or buy on another exchange and send it to your wallet.
  3. Go to Uniswap Connect to Uniswap in Google Chrome or on the browser inside your Metamask app. Connect your wallet. Paste the $BJESUS token address

    into Uniswap, select $BJESUS, and confirm. When Metamask prompts you for a wallet signature, sign.
  4. Swap $ETH for $BJESUS Switch $ETH for $BJESUS. We have ZERO taxes so you don’t need to worry about buying with a specific slippage, although you may need to use slippage during times of market volatility.

Listen: Black Jesus YouTube Playlist

Watch: Black Jesus Television Show

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$BJESUS is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return.

It is for entertainment purposes only.

Black Jesus is most certainly not running the largest social-economic experiment of our time.


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